First Shot Pistol Drill

First Shot Pistol Drill

This is a simple drill that builds on what’s crucial to carrying a defense gun: making the first shot. In a gunfight the most important shot is the first one. If you can fire faster than your opponent and hit on target, your odds of winning increase substantially.

Start in a standing position 10 yards from the target, with arms at your side (another variation is with your hands raised in the “surrender” position). Any man-sized target will work but silhouette targets will give you a human form so you can see your shot placement.

Your gun should be in your holster. Remember that speed comes less from snatching the gun from its holster and more from quickly lining up the sights and focusing on the front sight as your arms reach full extension—this enables you to shoot as soon as your gun is in position.

At the buzzer, draw your gun and fire one shot at the target for a center-of-mass hit. You may be surprised at the amount of time it takes to draw from a carry holster, shoot, and actually hit. On their first attempt, many experienced shooters are shocked to see 3 or more seconds on the timer. Top competitive shooters using speed gear can do this in 0.7 seconds or less, including reaction time. Normal humans will be a bit slower: if you can draw and score a center hit in 1.5 seconds using a carry holster, you are very good (in 1 second, you're approaching god-like status). Most holsters with retention capabilities may be slower—here, anything under 2 seconds is good.

Also be sure to practice this drill with your carry gun, wearing your normal concealment garment, like a jacket or vest. Start with having the gun exposed, then practice with it concealed.

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