Advanced Exercise: Force-on-Force

Course Length: Varied
Cost: $100.00
Course of Fire: Varied using Air Soft
Maximum Class Size: 10
Prerequisite: Valid Permit to Carry

This course is designed to bring your self defense thinking to a better prepared level. In this class, we will cover the following topics:

  • Shoot/Don't Shoot Situations
  • Justified and Necessary Use of Force
  • Defending Yourself Without a Firearm

Many people buy a handgun for personal protection. They may get a permit to carry allowing them to carry outside the home. They may go to the range and punch holes in a paper target. However, one might want to progress beyond this beginner stage.

You can take classes on shooting techniques and discuss gun mechanics and stopping power. These are great but don’t really do much to determine how you would react in a dynamic critical incident.

There is a strong need for an armed citizen to get beyond the simple mechanics of gun usage and get ready for the psychological aspects of self defense using deadly force. This is the role of force-on-force training and its realistic role playing. Force-on-force provides the greatest opportunity to encounter a scenario for the first time in a training environment rather than in a real encounter so you can be better prepared for the real encounter.

The goal is to improve your ability to perform in realistic, real-time, live action situations involving one or more opponents, one or more bystanders, and one or more dependents (friends and family members who you are protecting), and to improve your ability to handle situations in public locations as well as in the home.

If you never train with force-on-force, then every real encounter will have you applying yourself for the first time no matter what it is. Survivability favors the one who is prepared.

$100.00 each