Advanced Exercise: Basic Survival 3

Course Length: 3 Hours
Cost: $50.00
Course of Fire: 100 Rounds
Maximum Class Size: 10
Prerequisite: Valid Permit to Carry/Advanced Exercise 1/Advanced Exercise 2

This course is designed to bring your self defense thinking to a better prepared level. In this class, we will cover the following topics:

  • Shooting from Retention
  • Close Encounter Shooting
  • Point Shooting
  • Shooting at Moving Targets
  • Moving and Shooting at Moving Targets

The "Retention" position is with your firearm at your side by your rib cage, your arms are not extended into a shooting stance. With your firearm in a retention position, it reacts much differently than when extended in a shooting stance. Clothing becomes more important as it can interfere with a firearm. The retention position becomes important when you either have to defend yourself at less than arm's reach or when a threat literally comes knocking on your door.

With most self defense encounters happening at a distance less than 10 feet, understanding how to shoot in close encounter situations becomes very important. Your firearm starts in a retention position and then extends to more of a shooting stance as the distance between the threat and you increases.

There is no doubt that your adrenaline will be pumping when threatened. If that threat makes itself known before you have the opportunity to get into a shooting stance and getting a good sight picture, you will need to resort to Point Shooting. Point shooting is when you instinctively need to aim your firearm without using the sights.

Shooting at Moving Targets and Moving and Shooting at Moving Targets brings the full dynamic encounter together.

$50.00 each