Beginner's Handgun

Are you wanting to learn how to shoot a pistol but want more than just being shown how to load, aim, and fire a pistol? At Mountain Lake Firearms Academy we provide a classroom program where you will learn the fundamentals of pistols and ammunition, how to select a pistol that fits you, and the basics of how it operates and what to expect when shooting it. Additionally, you will learn the most important part of firearms: SAFETY.

Following the classroom, we will go out to shoot to provide practical application of what was taught in the classroom as well as getting you comfortable with handling and shooting the firearm.


Basic Pistol Introduction & Introduction to Ammunition
Selecting a Defensive Firearm
Operating a Firearm
Firearm Safety
Live Fire Exercise


Must have a valid state-issued ID card
Must be at least 18 years old (15 with parent or legal guardian)


Cost: $50
Class Size Limit: 5
Course Length: 3-4 hours

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