Advanced Exercise: Basic Survival 2

Course Length: 3 Hours
Cost: $50.00
Course of Fire: 100 Rounds
Maximum Class Size: 6
Prerequisite: Valid Permit to Carry

This course is designed to bring your self defense thinking to a better prepared level. In this class, we will cover the following topics:

  • Defending from Inside a Vehicle
  • Defending on the Move
  • Defending with Low Light/No Light

Carjackings and stop light robberies are on the increase and defending yourself from within your car has many different obstacles and considerations. We will show you how to work around these obstacles and be able to protect yourself from within the confines of your vehicle should you need to.

With self defense encounters being 100% dynamic, the need for you to move when a threat presents itself becomes vitally important. Learning to defend yourself when needing to move to cover or concealment may become necessary if that cover or concealment is any distance away.

It becomes increasingly important to learn how to use a flashlight or existing light conditions with most self defense encounters occurring at night. A flashlight is a tool which you can carry just about anywhere you go and can become effective in self defense situations as a stand-alone item.

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